The original GETSUM Clothing Company, a Northern California based company (est. 2008), is a brand that was creatively conceptualized by the desire to push extreme physical limits while attaining that ever elusive adrenaline rush. Born in the Central Valley many years previous to establishment, the GETSUM name and logo have become a popular brand (as well as catch phrase) to those that live an active sports lifestyle.

We are a brand that appreciates the efforts (blood, sweat and tears!) that those unique action sports lifestyle individuals endure to score the highest, beat the clock, or WIN the fight! We support the ideas and values of these individuals in their quest to reach their athletic goals; to hear the words “GETSUM” is sometimes the friendly encouragement needed to get there.

To the Newbies: Thank you for stopping by to check us out! Please “like us” on facebook; word of mouth has gotten us where we are today and continues to help us grow! To our extended GETSUM family: WE APPRECIATE YOU, your continued support, your physical dedication to YOUR SPORT, and your desire to “GETSUM”!

"Whatever you do in Life, GETSUM.™"

Summer 17'

[Updated on July 21, 2017]


Jul/Aug 17'

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